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♡ //i don't care how far back this meme was for you it must be done


Nonsexual acts of Intimacy - Select from the following for my muse to respond to…
  • ♡:Accidentally falling asleep together

There’s only so much bicker and banter that can 
go on between two people until one or the other
or both get so exhausted that sleep wins over 
regardless of the situation. And now, sleep was
the victor here in this round of their petty arguments.
Sunako having collapsed beside Ciel, she had no 
qualms against curling around him, pulling him close
as if he were a body pillow. Though this would never
happen if she were awake.

He was also becoming quite tired after many rounds of the verbal attacks, and he found himself being pulled to her, and more surprisingly, not minding it. Actually, when she was quiet like this, she was completely beautiful in his eyes. It was merely the sharp, poisonous tongue of hers that he hated, and yet at the same time made him intrigued with her. He pressed his face against the soft skin of her neck and shoulder before breathing in and sighing softly. There was no point in fighting his fatigue any longer, and slowly, his eyes closed and he fell into a silent slumber.


….i truly need to watch the circus arc in the anime
it is something that is becoming increasingly hard to go without

what meme is that even omfg




                          Slamming her hands down on the table, she stood and shouted. “I’ve been talkin’ t’ye fer th’past twenty minutes an’ ye ‘aven’t said a peep!” Now, it turned into a shouting match. All eyes were on them until Doll sighed and sat herself down. She picked at the remaining food on her plate, waiting for the others in the mess hall to return to their own chatter. Glaring down at the plate, she huffed and shoved it towards the boy. Having her appetite ruined, she simply stood and glanced his way. “Not ‘ungry anymore. ‘ave th’rest. I gotta go practice, anyways.”

                           If he was going to continue ignoring her, then why bother accompanying him for the rest of the day? Shoving hands into her pockets, she made her way towards the first-tier tents to get dressed. Maybe practice will help clear her mind. 

No, whatever this ways, he needed to understand this. He stood up quickly, letting the bench under him fall and completely disregarded the food. He ran to catch up with the girl, and he felt his chest constricting, but he didn’t stop until he was caught up with her. He was breathing heavily as he grabbed a hold of her wrist, and he stood for only a few moments before clutching his chest. It was becoming increasingly difficult trying to breathe, much less talk. 
He sank to his knees, still trying to breathe before coughing and gasping for air. He needed to take deep breaths, needed to calm himself…

When your RP partner is way out of your league



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