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i want to write relationships that are complicated.

i want to write the on-again-off-again relationships. i want the screaming matches and the cancelled dates and the hurt feelings and the second guesses and second chances. 

i want to write people who completely shake up each other’s daily routine and flip their entire world on its axis. i want them to drive each other crazy and question why they bother sticking around and then remember the way their partner laughs or see them in a moment of vulnerability that tells them 'this is is why i stay. this is why i love you.' 

i want to write relationships with struggles. with class differences and financial divide. two people who are so completely different they somehow complete each other. i want the jealousy and the feelings of inadequacy that goes with it. 

i want to write people who aren’t afraid to be honest with their partner. who aren’t afraid to say 'yeah you're being an asshole' followed by 'but i still love you, you idiot.'

i want the first time they see their partner cry and the morning after their first intimate night when everything feels so right.

i want people who get so used to one another that they stop going the extra mile. i want the ‘you don’t make the effort because you already have me’ argument.

i want relationships that challenge each other to be better people and make each other question their beliefs and moral compass. 

but most of all, i want to write relationships that are real. that make you feel something. i want to go on the emotional rollercoaster right along with them.

that’s what i want.



♞ :|| “Chains of my own design, might I remind you. Unlike you humans who cannot seem to keep your hands from greedily grasping all that comes into reach, a demon has a far more measured control. I do not touch your soul not because I am chained to you until our contract is complete, but because I want to taste it only when it has matured to its final flavor.” Sebastian’s eyes settled upon the boy’s lips, his own mirroring the smirk he found upon them.

Ciel was no fool, he was quite aware when that gaze moved to his lips rather than his eyes. He moved forward, closing the distance between them as that demon continued to smirk. “I’m very sure you’re counting down the days until you can truly sink your teeth into me and taste me for what I truly am,” he whispered cockily, knowing this man was no better than a dog on a leash, “Until then, I’m going to keep using you for my own greedy, selfish needs.”


{♞}- Strange, his explanation seemed reasonable, but Joker mentioned that the young boy had natural talent. Even Doll; she was impressed by how dedicated he was to pass the entrance exam. This sudden change in his character was quite fascinating, despite his ‘stage fright’ he still wanted to join; surely his stay with his old master wasn’t all that bad.

“Wot sort of circus performer is ‘e? We should ‘ave let th’ bloke starve out on th’ streets!” – Says Wilde.

The snakes started to hiss, all speaking at once, some agreeing with Wilde while others defended Smile. On one hand, Wilde had a point. There certainly were others who trained much harder than this child, but on the other hand he knew where he was coming from.

“Don’t forget, Wilde. We shared the same experience.” – Says Emily.

“All ye need is’ practice!” – Says Dan.

Another of his friends appeared through the strays of his hair.Other than Emily, Dan was one of Snake’s smallest serpents; by comparison the saw-scaled viper appeared normal in size. During their conversation it looked like Wilde and Webster were the only two who weren’t exactly in favor of Smile.

“It’s getting rather late. Don’t you think you should get back to your tent before Doll tries to search for you?” – Asks Webster.

It was bad enough that Smile caught him wandering at lights out, it would be worse if Joker were to know the boy was in a first strings tent. 


Ah, yes, he should probably get back to his own tent before people started to ask questions. The last thing he needed was Doll ranting and raving that he wasn’t there in time for lights out. It was annoying enough dealing with her to begin with… With how worried she was over him all the time…it was completely irritating.  He didn’t know how to handle it, while still keeping his facade.  

He acted surprised before standing up quickly. “Oh, yeah! She’ll be worried about me…” he murmured, looking towards the door before his gaze met Snake once again. “It was nice chatting with you…er…all of you. So maybe we can do it again? Friends?” he asked, holding out his hand to the older male.



                          Looks like Smile here’s got some things on his mind. No matter how loud or how often the girl called his name, he wouldn’t budge. So, to get him to move along she simply took his hand in hers and dragged him to the mess hall. “Oi! Are ye eve’ listenin’?!” Quiet. He kept quiet despite all her shouting. “Di’ I ever tell ye ‘bout Beast trainin’ Betty t’talk?” No response. ” ‘ow ‘bout ‘er trainin’ Snake’s friends t’talk on ‘eir own?” Still nothing. “She’s taught pig ‘ow t’fly b’fore.” No? Really? Nothing?


                          She let go of him once they were handed their trays and served themselves. He followed suit and sat across from her, but he had nothing on his plate. “Smile?” With a furrowed brow, a frown, and a look of concern, she immediately started transferring food from her own plate to his. “Oi!” Doll kicked him underneath, using her last resort. “Wha’s goin’ on wi’ ye? Somethin’s on yer mind, now spill!” 

He walked through the mess hall in a daze, and all of Doll’s shouting came through his mind muffled and muted as he lost himself in his own thoughts. Did the kiss mean anything at all? Did Doll just peck his cheek as more of a gesture of thanks rather than anything else? Or was it showing friendship? He didn’t know how common people acted, what their rituals were, what a damned kiss constituted. 
The fight for food was a blur, and in the end, he didn’t even have any food on his plate. It didn’t matter, he wasn’t hungry right at this moment anyway. He didn’t react until he was kicked, and he jumped, immediately cradling his now hurt leg. Looking up to the other, he seemed a bit upset. “What was that for?!” he yelled right back. He’d heard the words, but he didn’t want to share what had been on his mind for the past twenty minutes. It would be embarrassing to admit that one little peck on the cheek had quietened him so much. He wouldn’t do that, no. His pride would be at stake.


I apologize for my absence as of late, work has taken over my life at the moment. As soon as I have a bit of time, I’ll get to my replies.

Again, my apologies.

Back From Germany || The-sins-of-a-noble


Finny hoisted Ciel back up walked over to the sink like he was told to. He then placed him back down on his feet and held up his face. “Do you want water then, young master?” Finny asked.


"I y-yes, I need water…" he croaked quietly, washing his mouth out at the sink just to get the taste out of his mouth. It was completely vile, and it made him shiver unpleasantly every second that it coated his tongue. He was shaking on his feet, and his hands were clutching the sides of the porcelain. His face was flushed a deep red color, and his brow was covered with sweat. He was worse off than he’d thought he’d be when this started two days ago. He didn’t know when he’d get better, but he hoped it would be soon. He couldn’t stand staying in bed this long…